September 11, 2014

Here’s a video of the dedication ceremony held April, 2014 at Buchenwald. Mike Dorsey, director of the Lost Airmen documentary, spearheaded the effort to have a memorial plaque made and placed. Bernd Schmidt, the friend of the Lost Airmen living near Weimar, was very instrumental in the arrangements. The video shows Lost Airmen Ed Carter-Edwards and Chat Bowen placing roses on the plaque during the dedication ceremony.


August 11, 2014

Gerald Baron and Colin Heaton on the Southern Sense radio talkshow. Colin Heaton is the historian and author who through his interview with Luftwaffe pilots and officers discovered how the Lost Airmen were rescued from Buchenwald prior to their scheduled execution. On this radio program they discuss this important discovery and the telling of the story of the Lost Airmen:–the-dynamic-trio-of-military-history-reveling-the-truth


Dick Bedford, another Buchenwald survivor tells his story:


Yet another survivor of the Lost Airmen surfaces in New York: Lt Warren Thompson:


April 2014–The Dedication of the Memorial Plaque to the Lost Airmen at Buchenwald

Thanks to the great efforts of Lost Airmen director Mike Dorsey, and our German friend Bernd Schmidt, a memorial plaque dedicated to the 168 Allied airmen held in Buchenwald Concentration Camp was dedicated in April, 2014.

Here are links to the news stories and press reports on this memorable event:

From the local Weimar newspaper

From Ontario News Watch


November 11, 2012 Update

Joe Moser raises 12th man flag for Seattle Seahawks
Local World War II fighter pilot’s heart-racing story of survival 

Radio Interviews


Military Channel Showing Nov 12 and Nov 13, 2012 (Note–this is shortened one hour version)

Military Channel Showing Schedule

 Veterans Today Review

Review excerpts: Mike Dorsey was a very, very good listener.  In listening attentively to a very unique group of WW II veterans, filmmaker Dorsey discovered a secret that needed sharing.  The result is an exceptionally compassionate documentary called “Lost Airmen of Buchenwald.”  The film is spectacular.

The somewhat staid and predictable description of “documentary” does not do Dorsey’s “Lost Airmen” a lick of justice.

To say Dorsey, his team and the airmen themselves got to the heart of the matter is insufficient…they got to its soul.  And that soul is the utter cruelty of mankind upon itself; the courage of individuals; and, ultimately, mankind’s escape from the darkness back into the light.

Another Kiwi Review–Timaru Herald

What an amazing story it was, and despite being an American-made documentary, it was tasteful and understated…By the time it finished, Mrs B and I had a few tears rolling down our cheeks too, and she is not the sort of woman to do that very often. 

New Zealand Herald applauds Lost Airmen and Kiwi Hero Phil Lamason 

Orange County Register tells the story of “Lost Airman” Chat Bowen on front page.

Crosswinds newspaper tells of Joe Moser visit to Navy pilots and commanders at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station

New Zealand Newspaper highlights film and Col. Phil Lamason

“Lost Airmen” wins Spirit of the Independents Award at Fort Lauderdale film festival.

KING5 “Evening Magazine” –watch the segment on Joe Moser aired Nov 11, at 7 pm. Special thanks to the Heritage Flight Museum in Bellingham for coordinating this filming, hosting the shooting and providing Joe the thrilling flight.

NBC Los Angeles interview with Lost Airman Chat Bowen, aired Nov 11.

Huffington Post review of film by Carla Seaquist. Wonderful review appeared in Huffington Post on Nov. 4.

New Zealand TV Coverage of the Story and Premiere in Wellington, Nov 6.

News Coverage: The Free-Enterprise of Temecula, California ran this story on September 12, 2011: WWII POWs subject of film at festival

Joe Moser from Ferndale, WA, one of the “Lost Airmen,” will be featured in a regional TV broadcast “Evening Magazine” from KING5 in Seattle. Tentative airing date for this special presentation will be November 11, 2011–Veteran’s Day.



New Zealand Screening–November 6 in Wellington. Mike Dorsey will be there. Also, the Mayor of Wellington.